Welcome to Logan-Zenner Seeds, Inc.

Logan-Zenner Seeds, Inc. provides both commercial growers and home gardeners a variety of vegetable seeds. We supply a full line of commercial vegetable seeds, exclusive vegetable varieties, heirlooms, flowers and herbs to growers from our professional suppliers. We are committed to providing professional service to keep you up to date on the latest developments.


Whether it is beans, corn, pumpkins, onions, peppers, melons or the newest varieties from our extensive trialing program, we can help maximize your yields and profits, and minimize your losses from diseases. In addition to our growing catalog of fine vegetable seeds, our focus is to provide quality experience and reliable customer service that will profit all levels of customers.


Logan-Zenner Seeds, Inc. is the result of the November 2001 merger between Logan Company and Zenner Brothers Seed Company. Both companies have a rich history in the Pacific Northwest vegetable seed industry.

Logan Company and Zenner Brothers Seed Company have served commercial growers since 1938 and 1929 respectively. The merger enhances our overall position by combining the resources of the two companies and strengthening our focus on the needs of the commercial vegetable growers.