Company Update

Everyone at Logan-Zenner Seeds would like to thank all of our customers for the support and loyalty you have shown over the past growing season. Mother Nature tested the best of us this season and we hope all of you had a successful year. We would like to remind you that the weather affects not just your business; it affects seed production as well. With all the pro-rates and crop failures over the last two years we would encourage you to place your orders as soon as you possibly can.

We also decided to release a new catalog this year instead of every other year, as we’ve done in the past. In the ever changing environment of the seed industry we thought our customers would be better served by having a more up to date list of varieties to choose from. We ask that you pay careful attention to varieties no longer listed in the catalog and contact your salesman for more information on replacement varieties. Please check our price list, as some varieties may be listed there but not featured in our catalog. We would also like to point out that our catalog and price list can be viewed page by page on our website by clicking on the catalog icon shown above.

To increase our accuracy and speed up order processing we added a new state of the art seed counter/packer and are in the process of adding three additional employees to our warehouse staff.

At Logan-Zenner Seeds we look forward to providing superior customer service for all your seed needs in the years to come. Please contact us at any time with any and all question you may have.

Gerry Logan